Women’s Fiction Writer

I write stories about change.

wfwaromance-writersLike so many people, I find it hard to start over. There’s so much keeping you where you are, from family obligations, to that all-important paycheck, to just the sheer inertia we all experience when we think about trying something new. But there’s an excitement in taking a chance, an adrenalin kick you won’t find elsewhere. Stretching beyond the boundaries of what you think you’re capable of. Trying, and failing and trying again, but this time with the knowledge you can survive.

So once again, I’m taking the leap. I’ve been a journalist, a teacher, a psychologist, a photographer, an art dealer. And relished every minute I spent in each of those careers. Now I’m declaring myself a writer. Someone who goes into a room, all alone, and puts down words that exist only in their head, hopefully in some kind of interesting way that readers will enjoy.

Thanks for joining me on my journey.

Find Your Tribe

November 22, 2016

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