Don’t you just sometimes want to read a book that seems like real life? People you recognize, situations you can identify with, challenges you’ve faced? Through her writing, Maggie celebrates the power of family and the intricacy of the human heart in the hope that through capturing true emotions on the page, her readers will see their own lives more clearly and understand how people can change and grow.

She is currently writing her first novel, Lost and Found, which tells the story of Anna, a Chicago psychologist and Jocelyn, a world-famous feminist, and the interlocking secrets that bind them together.

Maggie is a former journalism major, Ph.D.psychologist, and current entrepreneur who heads a nationally-known art consulting firm. Her household includes a husband, two young adult college students, a supportive extended family, and two lovable Sheltie pups, one of which unfortunately lingers only as a memory in her heart.

It’s hard to stump her on old movie trivia and when the weather turns misty, her first thought is “photo shoot”. She makes her home in Milwaukee Wisconsin, land of the four seasons, because that’s where all her great women friends are.

An active member of the Red Oak Writing Studio, Maggie was a top-five Finalist in 2016 in the Wisconsin Romance Writers Association contest for Women’s Fiction and is an active member of the Women’s Fiction Writing Association.