Books I Love

I love the excitement of discovering a hidden jewel among so many so-so books. And debut works hold a special place in my heart, perhaps because I’m writing one of my own. The books featured here were the first appearance of these authors on the stage. Sometimes this is a story they’d been working on for years and had to tell. The books often contain clues about how they see the world and what themes they’ll examine in their future writing. And then there’s the very real possibility this may be the only book they write, either because of the vagaries of the publishing world, or because they had only one story in them and this was it.

These are the diamonds I’ve discovered. Use the contact form to let me know yours.

If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This

Robin Black

The ten short stories in this collection, first published in 2010, took the author, Robin Black, eight years to write…

Up From the Blue

Susan Henderson

Set in 1970 America, with its backdrop of rising feminism, school busing, and military families. Tillie, an 8-year old girl…

Crow Lake

Mary Lawson

Sometimes I run across a fabulous book by the merest of coincidences. As an avid reader of the NYTimes Book…